About Can't Not Do

Learn the key drivers that make you a more effective force for social change.

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With the multitude of social challenges facing our world, trying to effect change feels daunting. The problems are complex, the politics murky, and the players innumerable. Yet, every day there are regular heroes making a significant impact on our most intractable social issues, people like you. If you feel an internal, persistent call to help make the world a better place, you’re not alone.

Can’t Not Do will help you be inspired to personally bridge the gap between ‘wanting to do’ and ‘doing’ something for a chosen social cause. You’ll understand the drive at the heart of a successful change agent, and gain confidence in your own ability to make a difference. Like others before you, you’ll break through self-imposed barriers and start seeing yourself as change agent.

Can’t Not Do captures the heart of an effective change agent. It echoes the most common explanations of their passion and drive: I can’t not do this. These are people who have made a decision, at some point in their lives, that there is some burning cause in their world that they must do something about. The surprising truth from the trenches is that we already have numerous proven solutions for our many challenges and what our world needs most are more people prepared and unafraid to act on their social impulses and commit to a cause for the long haul.

You may at first think there’s a vast divide between yourself and these change agents. But the truth is successful change agents share some fundamental orientations to the world and to the commitment they’re willing to make and, over time, learn certain lessons that help them become more effective.

These lessons are reflected in seven seemingly simply questions that provide a guided inner dialogue and unlock a reader’s potential to make a difference for social cause they care about. These authentic stories, vital questions, and unconventional answers will guide and inspire you to realize your greatest potential.

What Is Your Can’t Not Do?

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