If Paul Shoemaker is right, and I think he is, then the greatest positive changes in our communities, organizations, and indeed the world have come about because someone said, ‘I can’t not do something about this.’ This book will inspire you to find your ‘can’t not do’—and do it.

Daniel H. Pink

Author, Drive and To Sell Is Human

Paul Shoemaker has been a force for mobilizing people who want to do good in ways big and small. Through stories of people who make amazing things happen, Can’t Not Do continues to push ripples of the possible.

Jacqueline Novogratz

CEO, Acumen

“Can’t Not Do” is is Paul’s can’t not do because this book aggregates real stories about real people who have figured out their “can’t not do” cause and doggedly pursued the work demonstrating that “uncommon good comes from exceptionally common people; in fact, those are the people who are going to make the biggest difference.”

I got this book yesterday and could not put it down. You can tell how much I enjoy a book by how many sentences or paragraphs I highlight and this book is full of yellow highlighted passages! This book will help you begin a journey of self-discovery and challenge you to think more deeply about who you are and what impact you can have in your community or across the world. Accepting Paul’s challenge will not only change the world, it will change you as well.

Claudia B. Sangster

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Paul takes all your excuses off the table – one by one – delivering a clear and provocative roadmap to follow the life of the truly well lived – not by following your bliss or studying your chakras – but by diving in, getting your hands dirty and entering the fray. If you are still on the couch, on the fence, or stuck in a rut at the end of reading Can’t Not Do – take a long hard look at your rationalizations, or start again on page 1.

Can’t Not Do is a kick in the pants, effectively delivered through hard earned insights and great stories. Not because the book’s heroes are so inspiring (and they are) but because they’re the kinds of heroes you can believe in – and you should – because what Paul is really going to make you realize is that you are looking at one of them in the mirror every morning.

Will Novy-Hildesley

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Can’t Not Do brilliantly captures our deeply human desire to live a life of significance, a life that somehow makes a real difference in the world. Astonishing stories of regular people, street smart insights and passionate authenticity highlight how each of us—in our own way—can drive social impact. This book is optimistic, engaging and action oriented; it is a real treasure.

Tom Tierney

Author of Give Smart, Co-founder of Bridgespan, Board Chair of EBay Corp.

This book is a fast, engaging read for anyone interested in making the shift to a more meaningful life. Drawing from the personal stories of dozens of people already on this journey, Shoemaker distills some extremely pragmatic lessons on what it’s like orient one’s life around creating social change.

A heavy theme that runs throughout this book is the critical importance of connection. “What we need most is more human and social capital. Simply put, more people committed for the long-term to making a change. That, in a nutshell, is what this book is about: getting more people in the game.

G. Rosenblatt

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In our personal and professional lives, we often conflate purpose and capacity. Shoemaker shares a variety of vignettes, mostly but not exclusively from the non-profit sector, that illustrate the value of identifying and focusing on purpose, independently of your current capacity.

I’ve purchased books on since 1995, and I’ve written reviews on many titles over the years, albeit under different account names. I believe this is the first time I’ve given 5 stars to a non-fiction book. Highly recommended.

Mike Hanlon

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