Not that I’d Tell The Best CB and Female MMA in the world…


… how to live their lives or do anything for the matter, if I don’t want to get my b— kicked. But I gotta say, they are two athletes that really live Can’t Not Do in very tangible ways. Really? Yes, really.

Sherman, known for being cocky and bombastic as well as smart and the best cornerback in the world, is an exemplar of Q2: Who Are you at Your Core? Last summer, he spent some of his “give back” time back home in Compton; check it out. I don’t know what he will choose to do to make the world a better place as he amasses more and more financial and social (more valuable) capital in the world, but I hope like heck he never leaves “home,” i.e. Compton. I think his work there will go deeper, last longer, and be more effective, just like it was for David Risher and reading and Vu Le and the Vietnamese community. Just sayin’ that as politely as I can Sherm, I’m not Michael Crabtree or anything.

Rousey, known for kicking the crap out of any MMA opponent within less than a minute, has said “I like snakes, bugs, heights, but fear of failure? Losing literally feels like dying to me.” Hating to lose even more than you want to win wasn’t one of the seven main chapters in Can’t Not Do, but it’s an expression, an attitude I sensed from many of the heroes in the book. Winning might be good, but losing is wretched. It’s the kind of mindset that gets people to stick with the work through “hard places” and also gives them more of that grit they need to be a determined optimist. Grit, as defined by Angela Duckworth, is the passion and perseverance to pursue goals for the long-term, eloquently said.

Both Sherman and Rousey have Grit to burn. I like to look around the world, in unexpected places, to find people exhibiting Can’t Not Do behaviors, even when it’s not directly related to changing the world. PLEASE share your stories of people, from all walks of life, that remind you of Can’t Not Do. I need stories, we all need stories to make this flywheel turn faster. Please send ‘em my way at and I’ll share ‘em back out. I’ve got two more next week, real-time Can’t Not Do people, that came my way from the book, living with grit to make the world a better place.