Planting Your Pole

The first week of a new book has been fun, educational, and hectic. For me, this is about way more than a book, it’s about what the people that read it DO about it. Last week, I heard a great story about one of the 16 people in the book, learned how it resonated, in unique ways, with people around the U.S. (and world, we sent 100 copies to China), and was challenged to define, even more deeply, why I wrote Can’t Not Do.


Feelin’ Some Love – I heard about Heidi Breeze-Harris, she leads off Chapter 7, who put up a Facebook post about the book at 405pm on Aug 10th and back was an avalanche of support and kudos for HER awesome work. That was cool

Plant Your Poles – I learned how the kind of intentionality and focus I hope the book inspires resonated with another soon-to-be author, Kathryn Guylay. It’s powerful when people connect with Can’t Not Do from a whole different reference point. Hers was that “breaking down a ski run into a series of manageable pole plants (like the questions in the book) is the way to overcome the fear of starting the journey and gives you pivot points to work from as you change direction.” We had a great conversation on the radio last week. That was fun

Change.This – One of the major book retailers,, asked me to write down why the positive social impact one person can create has never been clearer, stronger, and more urgent. Why finding your Can’t Not Do means more now than it ever has in this world. So I did. That was a good challenge.


I know I’m biased but I also learned a lot from the 53 reviews up on Amazon so far, gave me some new perspectives. Sort on “Most Helpful” if you care to take a look. I’ll be in Austin Sept 9-11 and doing talks about the book the evenings of Sept 17 and 18 in Seattle. Talk to ya next week.