The Why, What & Who of Can’t Not Do

It’s quite a feeling, much of it fortunate, but kinda “naked” publishing a first book! Today is the publish date for Can’t Not Do, all the info is at It’s been a great “pre-start,” about 3,000 pre-orders, Amazon reviews strong! But this “book,” for me, is not so much what I wrote down, but what I deeply hope it will do for thousands of people –


WHY did I write it? I’ve spent 17 years working, first-hand, day-to-day alongside nonprofit leaders, philanthropists, engaged citizens that want to help change the world. Inspiring doesn’t begin to do it justice. At some point, you feel like you just have to (can’t not?) share their stories and what you’ve learned, in the hope that it will not only inspire, but activate more people to do the same. Because if more of you get engaged, the world can change.


WHAT do I hope the reader will take away? That we have money for and solutions to a lot of our toughest social challenges, much more than people know … that our world today is made up of social multipliers like technology, globalization, connectedness that have changed so much of our lives and can now do more to empower each of us as change agents … that each reader will know there has never been a time when one person can have more positive power for their community.


WHO is this book for? If you feel like everything around you in your community is fine and good, it’s not for you. If you’d rather sit back and let someone else make a positive difference, it’s not for you. But if you’ve had an itch to scratch about getting more involved in making the world a better place,or if you’re on that journey, but need a better roadmap, this book is for you. You don’t have to be a superhero or Bono or Bill Gates, this is about what each of us can do for our own lives, our own community.


Margaret Mead famously said, Never doubt a small group of committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has. Beautiful. On those inspiring words, I’d put a twist, because I’ve witnessed it again and again and again: “Never doubt the power of one committed citizen to start to change the world …” That one can be you.


Can't Not Do by Paul Shoemaker